Daily Prompt: Hear No Evil

Tell us about a conversation you couldn’t help but overhear and wish you hadn’t.

One evening, during our girls getaway vacation, one of my best friends and I picked up two tall, dark and handsome men to take back to our hotel.  They were actually brothers and one was finer than the next.  There was one for each of us.  My friend and her new friend ventured off and left me and my friend to play in the hotel room.  This was actually the night my one night stand (click to read more about my one night stand) occurred.  After I had my way with my new friend we dozed off.  Later, I heard my friend and her new man toy enter the hotel and go into the bathroom.  I soon fell back asleep.  Suddenly, I was awakened by my best friend’s loud sex-filled moans, some slaps and spanks, and other body pounding noises.  HEAR NO EVIL, I thought, and covered my ears just like one of the three wise monkeys.  If it were anyone else I probably would’ve listened and got turned on.  I wish I never heard my best friend having sex and to this day she still thought I was sound asleep.  Maybe she should’ve been more quiet. 😉

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