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Upon reading and enjoying Ballsakhung‘s blog Random Questions very much, I decided to answer the same questions with my own sexual twist.

1. If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?

I agree with Ballsakhung that a porno flick would be ideal.  I’d love to be trapped in a porno flick with a tall, sexy, well-hung man and two sexy women.  Preferably a blonde and a brunette.

2. Who is starring in the movie of your life?

A concoction of the following:

  • 2 doses of Scarlett Johansson’s seductive nature
  • a pinch of Rachel McAdam’s charm
  • a splash of Jenna Jameson’s eroticism
  • 2 cups of the Latina voluptuousness of Olivia O’Lovely
  • a cup of Marilyn Monroe’s enticement

3. What is your favorite curse word?

You would think my favorite curse word would be ‘fuck’ since I use it so fucking often. Well, mostly when I talk anyway.  But I favor the word ‘bitch’ because I love to be a bad bitch and I love me a naughty bitch too.

4. What word or phrase do you say most often during sex?

Since I am half Spanish, I mostly say the word ‘aye’ or other dirty sayings in Spanish.  In fact, I really only speak Spanish when I’m getting it good in the bedroom or am very angry.

When receiving oral, I always say: ‘Spit on it.’

5. What word or phrase are you tired of hearing during sex?

I actually am not fond when a male refers to himself as ‘Daddy’, I rather call him ‘Papi’.

6. What word or phrase do you like to hear during sex?

I love hearing any compliments about how sexy I am or how good my pussy is.

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