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A luring dance, putting the lucky observer at a horny ease

An erotic gesture, its purpose is meant to please

Like a snake charmer, her body hypnotizes her prey

To the bewitching melodies her hips do sway

Every move vamped with sensuality and sleaze

Unbuttoning her shirt slowly, such a cunning tease

Reaching behind her back, her bra snaps with such expertise

Unveiling her succulent breasts, her erect nipples on display

The Striptease.

Her hands caress her ripe tits, grasping with a playful squeeze

Tracing her curves down to her hips, now her skirt at seize

It slips to the floor, her love pit dressed in black lace, a sexy array

Body gyrating, she entices her docile audience to her seductive soiree

Licking her lips with a flirty smirk she slides her thong to her knees

The Striptease.


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