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As I re-watch Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Grammy performance of Drunk in Love I can’t help but fall more drunk in love with this song. Beyonce is so gorgeous and sultry. Her musicality always seduces me.  Jay-Z is my favorite rapper.  I love his flow and charming demeanor.  Their love and lust for one another is entrancing!

What is it like to be drunk in love with drunk in love?
The euphoric song is like sipping a glass of hot sex, a sensual high that penetrates your soul, sway to its hypnotic melody, close your eyes, lick your lips, grind your hips, bob your head, feel the music, like an orgasm, it makes me thirsty for more.


I must be honest…this power couple is on my I want to have a threesome with bucket list.  ::blushing::  Or can I please watch them go at it?  I mean, don’t you want to watch Beyonce surfboard?  I know I do! 😉  

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