A workaholic

Stretched for time

He never found romantic love

He never settled down

Another long day at the office

His body longs for sweet release

On his way home he calls on her

She was so good last time

He can’t wait to see her

And there she stands

A brunette sexpot

Waiting at his front door

She kisses him on the neck

He unlocks the door

She pulls on his tie

Leading him inside

She’s already undressing him

Belt undone, zipper down

He didn’t even get a chance to lock the door

And as she starts to get on her knees

She repeats: Wake up, wake up…

But his cock is awake

He doesn’t understand

Wake up, wake up…

With a nudge he opens his eyes

Confused, he looks around

Standing over him repeating: Wake up, wake up…

Is the cleaning lady

He fell asleep at his desk again


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